MORLOCK Seminars

MORLOCK Seminars

The best way to professional pad printing.  For many years MORLOCK has been giving pad printing seminars.  The frequency of these seminars and the positive feedback by many participants confirm the quality of personalised training.

The two days intensive training in theory and practice has been well attended for many years. The seminars take place in our training center at MORLOCK GmbH in Dornstetten. The price includes training material, lunch and dinner. Upon request we can also book your hotel reservations for you.

Minimum number of participants per seminar: 8 persons

MORLOCK offers two Seminars:

  1. Basic Seminar in pad printing and ink

Duration: 2 days

Dates 2019:

Date 1: 18.03.2020 / 19.03. 2020
Date 2: 13.05.2020 / 14.05. 2020
Date 3: 16.09.2020 / 17.09. 2020
Date 4: 25.11.2020 / 26.11. 2020

Price: On request

You will receive a comprehensive overview of the functional principle of pad printing. The main focus will be on all specific factors that influence pad printing, such as pad, cliché, ink, printer, surrounding conditions, characteristics of the material to be printed, plastic identification and much more will be covered intensively.

Extensive knowledge about the composition of color, its properties and its ready-to-print setting is conveyed, including knowledge of the effects and use of the various ink accessories.

Fundamental knowledge about the color standards helps the participants in dealing with the different color systems, e.g. RAL, HKS, Pantone mixing system, MORLOCK Mix.

Various methods for the detection and pretreatment of plastics are explained, and based on this knowledge a selection of inks is clarified. From the basic training of colorimetry, participants will learn how to deal with different color systems, e.g. RAL, HKS, Pantone mixing system, MORLOCK Mix prepared.

The safe and efficient use of ink is also a topic of this training in order to optimize the occupational safety for the user. Through discussion in the pad printing application and error detection training, we will exemplify the relationships and the correlations in pad printing. In addition to the theoretical training, you also perform practical exercises in dealing with ink and printers.

  1. Personalized Printer Operation Training

Duration: 2 days
Dates: on agreement
Price: on request

Customer-specific seminars specifically deal with one or more types of printers. These seminars are also structured to include a theoretical and practical training. Content and dates for these personalized seminars are individually arranged.


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