Work piece holders

Original MORLOCK work piece holders
From the high standard and the reliability of our products you can benefit from our work piece holders. With over 20 years of experience in the construction of work piece holders, MORLOCK provides its extensive know-how to your application. From simple hand-operated systems to complex automatic clamping systems, reproducible print quality always depends on the quality of the work piece holder.

Depending on your needs we can implement either manual or automated clamping systems with a positive or non-positive (for example vacuum) attachment method to the work piece holders. Depending on your requirements, we can adapt the holders to be used in a single work piece holder or in a multiple holder system.

The standard work piece holder which MORLOCK is made of POM (non-pigmented), which is smooth but sturdy. If special pretreatments and post treatments will be used, other materials can be implemented.

The information about the work piece, a sample of the work piece, placement of the image, as well as the specifications of the machine being used (also machines from different manufacturers).