Original MORLOCK printing pads

MORLCOK offers a variety of standard printing pad shapes. All pads are produced using our computer controlled system with the latest technological standards.  The use of exclusive, high-quality silicon material and continuous quality control in our laboratory ensure the high standard of our pads.

Red pads
Red MORLOCK pads for quick printing sequences and for highest demands regarding long operating lifetime and high mechanical stress.

Sapphire pads
With the antistatic effect the sapphire colored MORLOCK printing pads result in a clearer print impression with an improved degree of detail and defined contours.

  • Replaces the yellow MORLOCK  printing pad series
  • Available in all shapes and Shore hardness.

Custom made models
MORLOCK also offers custom made models for your specific requirements. We would be glad to advise you in your selection of our range of products or the specifications of your requirements.