Original MORLOCK Ink and Supplies
The product range of MORLOCK pad printing inks offers you exclusively high quality inks, classified into difference categories. All standard inks, metallic inks, European inks, effect inks and high opacity inks are in stock at MORLOCK and readily available for delivery.

Basic Ink
The MORLOCK-basic ink mixing system comprises 12 basic color shades and can be used to create a wide color palette. Praxis proven mixed formulas (MORLOCK Mix) are available in accordance to the common color shade specifications based on Pantone®, HKS, RAL, NCS, etc. You can also mix your own inks yourself in-house.

Special Inks
In our modern Colorimetry Department, our trained personnel can create every reproducible color according to your wishes or specifications.

Compatible supplies
Of course, as a pad printing system supplier, MORLOCK will provide you with all the supplies you need, such as thinners, retarders, cleaners and everything you need for pad printing. All products are especially compatible and work well with each other.

We gladly advise you in choosing the appropriate pad printing ink for your product. We also conduct color adhesion tests for you. For complex printing processes, we will gladly prepare feasibly studies for you.